Paintings Currently Exhibited

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences,
University of Cambridge, CB2 3RQ

Paintings on display:
Landscape in Picardy

The Fifty-Five Children Lost in the Snow
Aix-En-Provence, Autumn 1968
Near a place called Gemmenich, 4th August 1914

Bavarian Landscape

The Nineteen-Eighties

Fitzwilliam College,
University of Cambridge, CB3 0DG

Paintings on display:
Black Earth Series
City, 1945

Addenbrookes Hospital
Cambridge, CB2 2QQ

Paintings on display:
Font-de-Gaume, Périgord
The Scintillating Forms
The Waves
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Selected text attributed to Richard Burns, published in 1989 for the Dorrell exhibition at St Michael's Mount.

Offprints can be obtained by contacting Lara Howlett at

Thanks to Janette Martin at the Labour History Archives at the University of Manchester and to Janeen Haythornthwaite at the Whitechapel Art Gallery for their assistance with materials.

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